Mamza Beauty

One brush stroke at a time.


Mamza Beauty

One brush stroke at a time.


Mamza Beauty

One brush stroke at a time.

The right makeup helps you project a more
confident and beautiful you; especially when it is done tastefully and skillfully

– Fatima Mamza

The Lady behind the brand

Fatima Mamza, CEO of Mamza Beauty Limited, is a makeup artist from North Eastern Nigeria. A graduate of the University of Zaria where she obtained a degree in Biochemistry, Fatima has become an expert in the makeup and skin care world where she has been beautifying brides, enhancing celebrities and adding a touch of glamour to a variety of women for over nine years.

Fatima’s career began informally when she was asked to do wedding makeup as a favour for friends during University. She has since turned her talent into an art form to become a well-known name in the beauty scene, branching into fashion, special effects makeup, skin-care consultation and training. She continues to help hundreds of women unlock their inner beauty and revel in the confidence that comes from creatively-applied makeup.

“Beauty is a state of mind,” she says. “Makeup enhances your own natural beauty, calls attention to your best features and conceals or deemphasizes flaws.

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Training Programs  & Courses

Fatima and her team of professional makeup artists have used their knowledge and experience in the industry to advice and train budding makeup
artists in the art of proper makeup application

And you’re doing a fantastic job, can’t wait to have a touch of your blessed hands on my face

indibal@mamzabeauty, instagram

your hands are gifted

Mrs. ijai@mamzabeauty, instagram

@mamzabeauty the genuineness n honesty of the the write-up got me hooked to your page. It felt like an expert makeup artist who doubled as a scholar. You are a pioneer of the trend...

Bkykay@mamzabeauty, instagram

mamza is raving right now in Abuja where she is based, she keeps churning out pictures that goes viral in the beauty world you can’t easily forget her makeovers even after just one look

I am so short of words,@mamzabeauty made us see what it means to be a pro make-up artist by giving us different gorgeous looks

samira_musa, @mamzabeauty, instagram

Thanks darling Fati, you made me feel like a queen….you are special breed, beautiful in and out

scentsofapril@mamzabeauty, instagram

you’re the best makeup artist I’ve ever known, your hands are very creative in making people up…

miiz_nashe@mamzabeauty, instagram

Been mamzified makes you look ‘unquestionably beautiful

Maryam_tofa@mamzabeauty, instagram

When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist@mamzabeauty

its_munee@mamzabeauty, instagram

Oh how I have missed this feeling I get when I see your great so beautiful. Masha Allah

stcatherinesmakeupfaculty@mamzabeauty, instagram

Urghh Fati! It takes great skill to make melanin pop the way you do

tita____@mamzabeauty, instagram

Can’t get over your magical hands, the best anywhere, anytime! Thank you for the gift of beauty.

Fatima_bukaar@mamzabeauty, instagram

Mamza is the best anytime any day! I like the way you made the head tie!

baraka.umar @mamzabeauty, instagram

U know how the “amazons” and “atlantians “ where born natural warriors ? Mamza beauty was born a Natural ARTIST!!! In hausa we say “ babu na biyun ki” ..... Ba ja dake, duk wache tache ma wllhi she is just wasting her time. You are an ARTIST and your paintings always , always light up my day. May your hands forever be as skillful as the amazons

ammimaah@mamzabeauty, instagram

Fatima Mamza was born to transform people’s faces. She is an artist, a teacher and an all-round health mentor. Her make-up has clarity, vision and perfection that immediately shines light on her clients face. Highlights, lowlights, contours, brows she gets it all the time. A look through her portfolio tells a story culture, color and diversity all translated into beautifully finished faces


yayyyy! mamza beauty is the best gaddam MUA this country has produced. My opinion.


wow can’t believe this is me

queen_yahayaisha@mamzabeauty, instagram

Fatima Mamza has been interviewed by newspapers and TV stations and her profile has been featured on various blogs and magazines across the country. Below are some website links of some of her media appearances.